Everything Lidia, a multi-platform lifestyle enterprise which includes speaking engagements, seminars, interview coaching and products, is devoted to educating, training, challenging and inspiring women to live safer, more fulfilling and remarkable lives.

Overcoming many personal hurdles along the way, Lidia worked that much harder to achieve and surpass her personal goals. She provides actionable insights that are useful, simple, and entertaining. A modern day Renaissance Woman, she encourages women to try new things, broaden their horizons and never settle for the ordinary.

Lidia financed her college and law education, earned her Black Belt in Karate, earned the titles Mrs. New York America 2006 and Mrs. New York International 2009, launched Stylish Safety and the women's non-profit organization, NOWSA, and is raising a family, practicing law and writing a book. She is now taking her message to women all over the world with her multi-platform lifestyle brand, Everything Lidia, Incorporated.