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"Women leave our seminars feeling much more secure and confident, walking out with their chins a little higher and shoulders back a little further."
Stylish Safety

Lidia_presentsStylish Safety®, a division of Everything Lidia, Inc., offers exceptional personal safety awareness and self- protection products and services for women which include  "Stylish Safety Women's Self Protection and Safety Awareness Seminars™" and the Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle."      



~Stylish Safety Women's Self Protection and Safety Awareness Seminars were created by Lidia Szczepanowski, an attorney, black belt, Mrs. New York America 2006, Mrs. New York International 2009, Mrs. Metropolitan NY 2012 and radio show producer and host.  As a nationally renowned ®Women's Safety Awareness Expert and Advocate, and having over a decade of martial arts training, Lidia’s thought provoking one-of-kind seminars help build confidence and instill strength into the minds of women. They are extraordinarily empowering and provide women with the skills necessary to avoid an attack and if necessary, to fight back against a perpetrator.  

Attendees of Stylish Safety Women's Self Protection and Safety Awareness Seminars are educated about so much more than just self protection. By learning and applying just a few simple principles to their lives, women can significantly decrease their chances of being the victim of a crime. Although it takes many years of training to become proficient in any martial art, Lidia demonstrates how a person does not have to be a Black Belt in order to be able to defend themselves.  At Stylish Safety Women's Safety Awareness Seminars women discover the secrets to successful crime avoidance and  learn simple yet powerful and highly effective defensive maneuvers.  

Stylish Safety Women's Self Protection and Safety Awareness Seminars™ are dynamic multi-media programs designed to educate women of all ages and from all walks of life, with practical and effective defensive tactics to be used in real life situations. Whether she is a "working girl," stay-at-home mom, student, or sensational senior, all women will benefit from attending one of our seminars.


"Although statistically 1 in 6 of all women over the age of 12 have been victims of an attempted or completed rape, I teach women not to live in fear, but to always be aware of their surroundings, to think in advance about how they will react in any situation and to always be prepared."

"In today's world, the most essential qualities a woman can possess are her sense of safety, security and strength!"

~Lidia Szczepanowski, Esq.


The Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle is also the symbol of the "Listen for the Whistle" women's safety awareness campaign. Tweens, teens, and women of all ages from all walks of life are urged to "CARRY" the whistle, "USE" the whistle when necessary, and "LISTEN FOR THE WHISTLE™," as the sound of a whistle means that help may be needed!


~The Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle is a designer brass whistle beautifully bejeweled with genuine European crystals which comes attached to a black adjustable cord.  As an invaluable safety item that will bring attention to yourself when in danger, theStylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle can startle and distract an attacker and help you avoid being victimized!  


"Stylish Safety" is a registered trademark of Everything Lidia, Inc.